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We are a continuosly growing company created at 2008.  Since the start our key business was focused on 2 areas: Events & Retail.

We began as subcontractor within a big company which allowed us to learn everything about the industry.

Today we provide a full-service retail support company and we work as a external production company for  agencies.

«…thank you very much….actually evrything you did looks really nice. I hope you know you have done a great job…please let your team know…» 2/3/2018


We have recently launched a new way to build up back drops, photocalls and totems in the Spanish market.

Aluminium modular system: no wood * environment-friendly * fast building * multi-material panels

As we fix our panels or textiles onto our frames and not in between structures, our structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for graphics and giving it a clean design look. As the structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

Recommended for publics locations like hotels, airports, hospitals, venues and exhibitions.


event production

we offer an assembly service for the items we manufacture and those supplied by the client.

haydías is the expert, one-stop retail solution, with a proven 10-year track record among leading retailers and brands in Spain.

Services include retail construction, general contracting / project management, fixture and graphics installation, LED installations, digital signage, merchandising, product assembly, sampling, product demonstrations and audits.

Besides, we help foreign companies to build up stands at the Spanish territory .


For our clients, we will do almost everything.

We provide solutions for any signage, corporate identity and merchandising project. Design, manufacture and installation.

We print, build, paint all kind of signs or objects. We use a material mix in order to create unique pieces.

The best of the production is «in-house». We are able to work really fast.




Graphics and Manufacturing

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